Harvest Gold Renaissance / Wedding dress


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This Renaissance style dress consists of 6 pieces…

The skirt has 4 hand beaded panels and 4 lemon and white brocade panels. The beads are about 1/2″ apart. There are over 80 hours of work in this element alone. The waist has a drawstring and will fit up to 43″. The front length is 44″.

The outer bodice is harvest gold velveteen with laces which will allow for expansion. The smallest it will go is a waistline of 36″ The front panel features a hand embroidered Iris.

The under blouse is long enough to tuck snugly into the skirt without fear of it pulling out. Delicate lace with small beads enhances the neckline.  It has long sleeves with lace edging.

The sleeves, also harvest gold velveteen, are held on with pearl buttons and are detachable. Elegant lace trim goes from from shoulder to wrist. Chain detailing at the wrist keeps them from hanging in the way however if one wants to the arm can be freed by putting it through the slit at another point.

Also included is the A frame hoop underskirt.

New item, only worn for photos.

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